Monday, December 7, 2009

It's been a while.........

since I've had a moment to sit down and have a coherent thought worthy of blogging about. Last week I was busy putting everything together for a craft show that I did over the weekend. To sum it all was a complete bust and a waste of time.

Ok...not a complete waste of time, but not worth all the effort. I did have a nice time traveling with my daughter and hanging out with her all day at the craft show. It just doesn't happen very often anymore since she's a teenager and always wants to be on the go. She was a big help and I really appreciated it. 

I was more fortunate than some of the other crafters. Many sold almost nothing. I did sell some things, just not as much as I had hoped. I did get lots of nice comments, especially from some of the other crafters so that was good. One of the ladies informed me that my stuff would sell much better in "the city" so maybe this just wasn't my crowd.  

Here is what my booth looked like all set up





I will now work on getting my Etsy shop all stocked up. 

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  1. Hi Alisa,
    You had your booth set up very nicely. Everything looked pretty to me, couldn't tell what everything was but it all looks so nice. Sorry you didn't sell more.
    That is neat you have an etsy shop.
    Maybe you will see more there. Years ago me and my friends used to do crafts and then we would have an open house at one of our houses and it would look like a store. We had so much fun and sold a lot of stuff. Maybe next year you could find some other ladies who want to do that and try it. It really was a lot of fun.
    There was about 7 or 8 of us that put stuff in to sell. We would give away or mail flyers to everyone and put some up in store windows, and we drew a pretty good crowd, especially after the first year cause everyone looked forward to it the next year and told others about us as well. We played mountain country music and had hot apple cider and did it on a Friday night and all day on Saturday.
    Just some food for thought! Course, they didn't have ebay and etsy shops back then.
    Merry Christmas hon,
    blessings, Nellie


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