Thursday, December 17, 2009

This situation could turn ugly!

When I got to church last night my sweet friend gave me 2 dozen fresh homemade rolls.....can you say over the top carborific yummy?

I can! and they are!

Thank you friend!!

Like it isn't bad enough that I'm in this house all day with 2 dozen rolls sitting on my counter just begging to be eaten.....I made some of this Honey cinnamon butter yesterday {for gifts} before I even knew about the rolls.....ummm, sinfully delicious.

Talk about a bad situation to be in. I can't not eat them....together. One after another....after another.

Ok- truth be told, I've only had ONE today {and one last night}....but I want more and it's only 11:23am.....that leaves a whole LOT more of the day to go.

That's a big dose of will power I'm going to need to endure this battle.

Pray for  :)

I MUST keep busy and stay away from the kitchen.


  1. YUM! There is nothing like fresh rolls! They are so bad and good all at the same time. Good luck reisisting them. I am not so good at that part! :)

  2. Think of them as being gluten-free. Nothing gluten-free taste good the second day - so eat them - NOW. You can't allow them to go to waste. You can work them off tomorrow, yeah, that's it. That's how we do pastries around here.
    Did that help any????

  3. You're welcome I think :) I didn't mean to cause such a stir. I totally understand however. The batch I made actually produced 5 dozen and 2 rolls. So there are several still sitting on my counter.


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