Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sheer enthusiasm


Josiah came stumbling down the hall into the living room this morning bright and early. 

Daddy-  "Hi buddy" 

no response. 

Mom- "Who's the happy helper today?" {at preschool}

Josiah- a rousing "ME!!!!" with a rough little growl behind it all tough and boy like.

Mom- "are you excited?"

Josiah {yelling}- "YEAH!!!!"

My husband said "wouldn't it be great if we all woke with that much enthusiasm each day".  

For some reason he didn't think "Who's gonna be the IT supervisor today??" had quite the same ring to it.

Maybe if they took turns being "happy helpers" each day it would bring a little enthusiasm back to the workplace. 

Just a thought.

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  1. Hi Alisa,
    That is a good thought! I wonder who is gonna be "the happy Kitchen helper" today!! lol
    Wish there was such a thing, I could use a hand!! lol
    You sort of wish you could bottle kids enthusiasm and sell it, we would make a mint! There are days I have that kind of high enthusiasm
    and I just love it, you wonder why we can't have it all the time,
    course, guess it is like sunshine without rain, if we didn't have
    lack of enthusiasm we wouldn't know how good it feels to be soooo enthused! Have I lost you yet!! lol
    Have a great day, and your son
    is just adorable! In fact all of your children are......even the teenager!! lol
    I do remember those nonsmiling days. It is a universal thing that happens to all of them from what I have see!
    Crazy, as it is, I do think that
    is the Lords way of getting us ready to launch those babies.
    Have a good day sweetie,


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