Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu plan - Week of 1/18/10

I've worked and worked on this silly little layout thing and messed with the HTML code as much as I can and for the life of me can't figure out how to space out my widgets over there in the sidebar. I had them spaced out last night {by some sort of HTML miracle} and then when I looked at it this morning, it was not spaced out...I'm fed up with the whole thing. 

Anyone have any ideas??? It's driving me batty!

Our schedule is a little wonky this week. My little girl turns 16 {Yes, 16....clear off the roads people!} and we have a couple celebrations going on plus basketball practice and games so it should be a wild one. Here is what I've managed to come up with so far:

Monday {Britt's birthday dinner}: Chipotle BBQ chicken, homemade macaroni and cheese & salad....and strawberry cake & ice cream 

Tuesday: Salmon patties, Parmesan noodles & sugar snap peas 

Wednesday: Chili dogs at church 

Thursday: Pizza 

Friday: Chicken Tortilla Soup  

Saturday: Cheeseburger casserole, green beans and applesauce 

Sunday: Slowcooker Chicken stroganoff, salad and fruit

 What's on your menu this week??

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