Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stop already!

STOP Snowing!

I'm over it!! The snow was nice, it was pretty and all and now it just needs to STOP. The kids were supposed to go back to school tomorrow, but no they will not be going since we are having another snow storm and it should be well below zero in the morning and a high of 10°.

I don't function well when everyone is home. I get absolutely nothing done because there is no schedule to our day and it drives me batty! I'm tired of being a hermit with all the curtains drawn and blinds shut. I feel like a slug.

I have lots I'm trying to work on for my sister's baby shower this weekend, but I don't dare show you because she is such a peeker that she would totally look even if I told her not to {still love her though}. So I guess all that will have to wait until next week.

I know most everyone in the USA is abnormally cold right now so bundle up, stay warm and drink lots of hot cocoa!

photo courtesy of jpctalbot


  1. You poor thing! Stay inside and be warm- I'm drinking some warm coffee right now so I'll send you some of my warm thoughts. Take care!!!!

  2. That picture is awesome! Did you have to go outside to take it?

    I have to say I appreciate your comments about not being able to accomplish much with everyone home. I often feel like a massive failure when the end of the day comes and things are still a mess or have returned to messy state after a temporary break of cleanliness. I feel like since I'm home pretty much all the time my home should be in better shape. It's terribly difficult with 5 kids who are constantly underfoot to keep things picked up. I work at it diligently but you wouldn't know that if you walked in right now (please don't by the way I haven't bathed since Tuesday and I can't find my kitchen).

  3. aww...Shannon you are so sweet to think I took that pic. I did not, nor would I go outside on a day like that just for a blog pic. The credit for the photo is at the end of the post, I found it on Flickr's creative commons.

    I honestly don't know how you Homeschool mom's do it. I am in awe of your ability to maintain a schedule all the time. I'm too ADD for that. I applaud you!!

  4. Wowza!! That sure is a lotta snow! I would looooove to be snowed in like that for - 2 weeks - and then get back to normal life. ;-D So have you been out snowboarding in it yet?

    And on the schedule thing, well, I think that all moms have that struggle at least sometimes. Have you ever checked out Simple Mom? She has all kinda cool tips about figuring out your schedule with your kiddos:


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