Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring on the brain

I've got spring and Easter on the brain lately. I just wish it were about 10° warmer outside and it would be so very nice. Oh, yeah and I wish that my yard wasn't a swamp after that nice little snow fall last weekend {on the first day of spring}.

Since the weather isn't really cooperating, I've resorted to finding springy ideas to perk me up!

I love me some pretty scrapbook paper and this is such a great idea to add a little springy touch to your decor. You can see the tutorial over at Brown Paper Packages.

These aren't necessarily springy, but they could be with the right colors. I LOVE the idea of using your child"s arm and hand print as the tree and adding the leaves. Such a unique keepsake! Check out how to make your own At Second Street.

I think these little chick cupcakes could very well be one of the cutest things I've seen. The Idea Room always has such great ideas and this is no exception.

I know these aren't really springy either, but hey......chocolate and peanut butter together totally deserves a mention. Find the recipe over at Tidy Mom.

Homemade Peeps, how could all you peep freaks out there not like that? Once again another brilliant idea from The Idea Room.

Over at Tatertots and Jello there is a great recipe guide for making your own all-natural egg dyes. We might just have to give this a try this year.

Have you seen anything inspiring around blogland lately? 

Check out what is inspiring others over at Tidy Mom and The Inspired Room.



  1. I love the trees! What a cool idea.

  2. What a great batch of spring ideas!!

    and thanks for adding my brownies!! lol

    Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Have a Fantastic Weekend!


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