Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tumble it!

Have you heard of Tumblr? You can find mine over there in my looks like this:

You can actually have a blog on tumblr, but I don't. I just use it to keep track of sweet ideas I see out there in blogland. I used to bookmark ideas on my computer for reference.

But what if my computer blows up? {I am certain this will happen in the near future...certain!}

all my great searching and work would be for not......all gone!

Well, my solution is to use tumblr. I have a link on my toolbar in my browser and when I see something I like I click on "share on tumblr" and it pops up in a window. I can select the photo to go with it {or not} and post it. Simple.....easy peasy! 

I wanted to share just in case someone wanted to know and you can look over there from time to time to see what sweet ideas I have found.



  1. Awesome!! Thank you soooo much. Like you, I bookmark them, but I think this is a FAR better way to do it especially with all of the goodies that I find online. My bookmark tabs is going to be pages and pages long before too long. Now you have solved my problem!!

  2. Oh, I love this! Never heard of it before, but I like this much better than my current method of just bookmarking things on my computer. Thanks for sharing!


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