Thursday, May 13, 2010

A very BIG deal!

Something quite monumental happened in our home this evening. 

I cut Josiah’s hair……and there was NO screaming…..not even a little.

Those of you who know us personally, know this is a BIG deal. He is traditionally a screamer.

IMG_5316 I know, one might think that such a sweet looking little boy wouldn’t do that. But trust me he is not a crier…..he is a screamer. I spoke about the drama a while back.

IMG_5314After dinner I mentioned that he would need a haircut before bath time and he began to melt down. I sent him off to his room to cry it out. I told him there was no need  to cry now or when he got his hair cut because it just doesn’t hurt at all. It’s not scary and that he would just need to be brave.  When the crying was over he came out to play for  awhile and then I told him it was time. He tried to get out of it by joking a little, but he came fairly willingly. surprising to say the least.

IMG_5317 He not only didn’t cry, he was HAPPY! This is a first and so unexpected. He decided that he would be brave like Luke Skywalker and Indiana Jones.

And he was. Very brave indeed.

Josiah is normally a pretty thankful little guy, but I was shocked when he told me “thanks for cutting my hair” no less than 10 times while I was still trimming.

He said is never going to cry about his hair again… brave! and this mommy is so thankful!



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