Thursday, May 13, 2010

A week in review

This past week has been busy to say the least. May is always a blur, but I suppose it’s a necessary evil to get to the glorious days of summer. 

In the past week I managed to have about 215 people come to give us estimates on painting the outside of our home…so fun. I also took an entire day {no kidding} to power wash our deck. I began at 9am and was finally done at about 2:30. I did take a 15 minute break to make Josiah some lunch….he is so needy. We have lots of trees and lots of shade so lots of muck and mold to get rid of each spring. I am determined that our next deck will not have any spindles…..or as few as possible.

IMG_5252We have had 3 baseball games.

I nearly froze my derrière off at the game last Friday night {cold and windy} Is this really may?? it felt more like May in March. Something is wrong here. They had their first win Tuesday night and they were sooooo very excited!

IMG_5152and 2 soccer games {or opportunities to see if you can wrap your entire body in your t-shirt}

IMG_5167 Would ya take a look at that….my two oldest were playing together {with smiles on their faces and no screaming….I thought I might have even heard laughing at one point}. Sweet….even if it was for just a brief moment.

IMG_4996 Josiah trying to construct some sort of ball launch from a tech deck ramp in an attempt to get the ball in the basketball hoop hanging on the door. Apparently this is best done in your underwear.

IMG_5182 Josiah had is preschool program and did a fantastic job. He loves school and I think he will miss it over the summer.

That pretty much sums it all up. Do you feel like May is a big blur or is it just me?



  1. Wow! A mother's work is never done, huh? My April and May are always a big blur. We have birthdays on top of birthdays, surrounded by birthdays! :)

  2. You really were serious about painting your house. Hmmmm


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