Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On dad, blueberries and growing up

IMG_6469 I’m sure my kids probably don’t realize it yet, but they really do have the best dad. He loves each of them deeply and he is setting a great example of what a Godly man should be. I love him dearly! {He was smiling until he got the love squeeze, then he was just trying to breath….I think} 

IMG_6470 Too many blueberries in one sitting can leave you a little blue.

IMG_6478 I ♥ this sweet little face.

IMG_6488Corban had the privilege  {it’s all in how you present it} of learning to mow the yard last night. It was just the front yard, but he was soooo proud of himself when he was done. 

I would be fine if he would stop growing now.

Brittney is off at camp again this week….I miss her bubbly self.



  1. love it, especially the mowing!

  2. Is it blueberry time? I have always wanted to go! Would you be up for another trip with a band of Altic's? Just let me know!


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