Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Discouraging comments?

I know I mentioned before that I comments!

Not only do I like to receive comments, I live to give them as well.

Unfortunately, it feels like some bloggers discourage comments on their blogs. They may not even realize they are doing it. Are you one of them? If it takes more than a couple clicks to leave a comment, I probably won’t do it {unless I love you dearly} and neither will the majority of people.  

Let’s look at some of the ways you might be discouraging comments on your blog.

Word verification This discourages someone who wants to leave a comment by making them jump through hoops to do so. Unless they really love you, most people will probably move on to the next blog. Go right now and log out of Blogger and try to leave a comment on your own blog. How many hoops do you have to jump through? It’s fixable. Don’t worry. “Oh, but I don’t want spam” you say….no worries we will take care of that.

Not allowing anonymous comments. Not everyone that comes to your blog has a blog of their own or even a Google/blogger account. Making them log in before they can leave a comment puts up a huge roadblock on the way to commentville.

Pop up comment boxes Pop up boxes aren’t all bad as long as it works correctly. I have tried to comment on many a blog that, for whatever reason, the box wouldn’t open or it wouldn’t let me comment. Frustrating. I know it even happened on my blog back when I had a pop up box. I prefer to have my comments embedded below my posts so this can’t happen. Either way is ok, but just know that if you post something completely fabulous and get no comments….your pop up box might not be working correctly.

Comment Moderation
Some people like to moderate ALL of their comments and I can appreciate that, but from a commenter point of view it’s a little bit of a bummer when I go to the effort to leave a comment and then it doesn’t post. 

That being said, there is good use for comment moderation. That is how I keep out the spammers. I use moderation on posts older than 5 days. Most spammers comment on older posts so I catch them before they post. 
I have never had any spam get through with this method. You can moderate them by using your dashboard or through email.

You can change any of these options in Blogger by going to your dashboard, the settings tab and then the comments tab.

I hope this is helpful to those who may be wondering why no one ever comments on your blog.  Make it easier for people and they will. I want everyone to enjoy a little comment love.

More comments totally works for me!



  1. I went and changed mine, I never even thought about how my comments were set up. I expect you to leave me lots of comments now!!! :) :)

  2. I agree!!! I love to leave comments too - I changed mine a long time ago!!!

  3. Thank you , I hate word verification.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'm glad you mentioned about word verification, spammers, and old comments. :) I don't want spam, but I'm gonna try to turn it off.

    Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog earlier. :)

  5. Great tips Alisa. Recently I got rid of word verification because I hate doing it myself! I have not received one spam comment since turning it off. I also like your tip about comment moderation for older posts - that's a great idea!

  6. I love comments and I'm a big fan of moderating. I get a lot of spam email - one guy over the weekend put his phone number and was selling soda crates. Just didn't think that was appropriate. Anyone else get him?!


  7. Thank you! I get really sad when I post tons of pics of my "goings on" and no one says anything. Silence is deafening. When I posted about the marathon and didn't get a single comment I just kept thinking, "no one thinks I can do this." I'm not insecure or needy at all :)

  8. I'm not sure why but when I try to have it embedded and then go to my blog and it won't allow a comment at all. Any ideas?

  9. Great tips! Although I have to say I use comment moderation a little differently with wordpress. I use it to moderate anyone who hasn't left a comment before. So it is just that first time you leave me a comment and I try to be fast about approving them.
    My reason for this - I get spam on new posts, every single time.

  10. Thanks! I was wondering why comments never come.

  11. Thanks for these tips! I am a newbie blogger and I didn't even know about these settings!

    I just found your blog through 'we are that family'... following and looking forward to more of your posts!

    ~ ~

  12. Thank you for sharing. My blog setting before was different where readers had to go through tons of things. But then when I came across a blog that also mentioned something like this, I immediately went ahead and changed my settings. I want all my readers & visitors to have an easy time commenting & have fun while visiting my blog. :) Great tips!

  13. Can I copy and paste this post on my blog? (jk) I totally feel the same way!

  14. Great post!!

    I've been to a couple blogs lately that had TWO sets of word verifications! I love to leave comments (and get them!!) and hate when I see that I have visits to my blog but not comments, so I went through both sets (in addition to having to put in my name & e-mail). But I doubt I'll go back to their blogs.

  15. Oh, and one more I would add is that the comment link isn't obvious. Sometimes it blends in with the post, sometimes people have it just as an image, etc. If I can't find the link quickly, I rarely leave one.

  16. Wordpress drives me crazy, I hate having to click on an email also just to leave a comment. Oh well there isn't one perfect way to keep spammers away. Great tips, going to make sure mine is set up right!


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