Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summertime fun with the kids

Summer can be such a fun time to get to experience some of things we don’t have time for during the school year. If you are in need of ideas to get your wheels turning, there is no better place to turn than mommy blogs.
100summeractivitiescoverWillette has compiled a nice little list of ideas for taking pics of your kids over the summer, 100 ideas to be exact. They aren’t just ideas for taking pictures of your kids, they are great ideas that will ensure you include a little fun in your summer. Just leave her your info and she will email you a copy of the file. It is WELL worth it.  Go get it here.

ok, well this picture really has nothing to do with this blog post, except maybe that I would like to sit on that there cute cushy little polka dotted bench while I do activities with my kids. Do you think
The Nester would let me borrow it? She does have an excellent post on summerizing your home so that kinda fits this post, right?

cream sodaI’d also like to sip one of these Italian Cream Sodas. Emily at Frilly Details shows you how to make one. {yum}

corn syrup paint Eighteen 25 shows you how to make these beautiful paintings with Corn Syrup Paint.

Skip to my Lou is hosting a
30 day craft camp. 30 Days, 30 bloggers, 30 crafts. Here are some of my favorites so far.

10Mar09_kites_24 Simple paper kites with Better in Bulk

batik Glue Batik with That Artist Woman

bubble-3 An easy homemade bubble blower from How Does She?

puffy paint Make your own homemade puffy paint with One Crafty Momma.

Last, but certainly not least {actually my most favorite} is
Meg from Whatever is doing craft Thursday each week with her kids and I love seeing what she has done. I really love these Georgia O’Keefe inspired paintings and these Castle paintings.  Such great ideas.

Now go get busy with your kids!!


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  1. Thanks for posting my Italian Soda!!! I just loaded up on Torani syrup this weekend. It turns out that Gordman's sells a few flavors. It's a little closer than World Market :)


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