Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big boy toys

Josiah was ecstatic yesterday when he found out that we have a bow just his size {and a shooting glove and a little quiver}. He sang little songs about going “bow and arrowing” all day and wore the glove almost non-stop {except when he went swimming}.


He just about bowled his dad over when he came in the door from work asking him to go outside to shoot. Dad managed to calm him down until after dinner and then they headed outside for some lessons.

IMG_7182_1 The facial expressions were priceless. My husband commented that there was a whole lot more effort going into that face than there was into pulling on the bow.

IMG_7178_1He was really getting the hang of it and then he just gave up and decided he was done. He came in the house quite defeated that he wasn’t able to put a hole in the makeshift target dad had created. Poor guy, such high expectations with so very little practice.


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  1. James has that exact bow and glove. He was the same when he first used it. Lots of effort and not much reward! Poor kids....they are learning life lessons at a young age.


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