Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The last day of summer

IMG_6598The sun is setting on our  summer break and I am completely overwhelmed {rambling ahead….read at your own risk}.

Britt starts her junior year tomorrow…..hold on tight to your babies, they grow so fast! It seems like she just started junior high last year. 

We made a huge decision this summer that I would homeschool Corban this year. I know this is the absolute best decision for him, but I am so not ready for this. At least not yet.

My ducks are NOT in a row. They are currently not even in the same pond.

My ducks are scattered about………..very scattered


I have a few etsy orders that I’m working on or maybe I should say I’m thinking about working on.  The fabric is ready, now I just need to find the time…..it eludes me. 

pool funJosiah will turn 5 on Thursday. He’s been counting down since about March, yet it has completely snuck up on me.  I have nothing planned or bought.  I kinda dislike the fact that his birthday is always the same week school starts. 

Tomorrow night we have our Wednesday family night kick-off party at church. I love having church on Wednesday evening during the school year. It’s a nice little bit of encouragement mid-week. Everyone can benefit from that, especially stay at home moms who don’t get much adult interaction during the week {that would be me}. 

Did I mention the kick-off party is a cookout and I’m in charge of all the meat {buying it and praying some men show up to grill it} and drinks, set up, clean up etc. It is always lots of fun and it isn’t too bad because lots of people pitch in and help. I’m really looking forward to it.

We took the kids to get ice cream tonight to end our summer break. While we were there Britt informed me that her friend Rachel will be picking her up in the morning for her first day of school. This will be the first time in 13 years that I haven’t taken her to her first day of school {~weep~}. I asked her if I could follow them to school so I could get a picture of her walking into the school, but she didn’t seem to think that was a good idea :) teenagers.

I should really be doing laundry….the pile is approaching epic proportions.  

Thanks for listening…..you all are way better than therapy.

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  1. You'll not regret homeschooling. It's a real joy. Isn't this a busy time of year - for everyone!

  2. I love you lady! You made me giggle, your ducks may be with my ducks off somewhere doing something other than getting ready for all that is before us :) I will be there tonight early to help! Have no fear! I'm super excited you're home schooling Corbin!!

  3. If anyone can do it all, you can!! :)

  4. Yeah! Homeschoolers Rock. Ducks like to follow each other around the yard( at least Waddles and Quackers do), so it won't be hard for you to line them up. Have fun with the homeschooling, it's awesome in so many ways.

  5. I'm an confident that you'll do great with Homeschooling!! Strong women like you can do it!!


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