Monday, December 13, 2010


Some things I’ve been enjoying


We all went to see the new Narnia movie on Friday night. To say that it was great would be a serious understatement. I thought it was a little dark compared to the first two, but Josiah seemed un-phased by the battles and serpents . He said “they aren’t real mom” when I told him I thought they were a little scary. Kids are funny.  

IMG_1166I spent a good deal of my weekend right here. I’m not complaining one ounce. I love it.


Sunday evening we went to see the Kansas City Ballet’s Nutcracker. It was  beautiful. I think it was a little different version than we had seen in the past.

IMG_1133My kids all bundled up after the Nutcracker. It was so cold and windy. I don’t mind it unless I have to go outside. duh.


I ordered this twine from The Twinery the other day and it finally came. Love it. The colors are so vibrant and the twine is sooo soft. I’m dreaming of all the things I can do with it. The aqua one is my favorite. What would you do with all this twine? I hate to cut into it, it’s just so pretty.

IMG_1119This sweet puppy, even though she makes keeping my house clean twice as difficult.

What are you enjoying right now?




  1. Oh my that twine is devine!!! I would hate to cut it too, but if I had to....maybe a it!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with for that twine.

    We're going to see the nutcracker on Saturday, I just hope my little guy stays awake. It's a Mommy date with another family.

  3. Hope you survived the cold weather Sunday night! I'm sure seeing the Nutcracker made up for it. We went last year and it was great!


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