Friday, January 14, 2011

blog anyway

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been this quiet before. 

My heart and mind are all wrapped up tight around other things lately and I’m having a hard time putting together a coherent thought worthy of an entire post.

You know what the professionals say to do when you are blog blocked??….. wait for it……..

blog anyway.

So, that is what I'm going to do.
blog anyway.
So, I’m just going to go with it….umm, kay?

warning: totally random, incoherent thoughts ahead…


Have you been to
Foodgawker yet? oh, my! totally addictive!
The best of food and photography combined.
I dare you to go take a look and not be totally hooked.
I’ll wait while you gawk…….

Post-PB-Squares1-300x295I will be making these yummy looking peanut butter chocolate bars today.


Funny things my little people say:

I was getting my boys into bed one night and as I was walking out the door Corban said “Mom,  you are awesome, stay cool!” In a totally cheesy, Joey from friends, kinda way.  Now my husband tells me to “stay cool” all the time. I’m so not cool, but it makes me giggle.

You know that feeling when your foot, leg {whatever} falls asleep and is “waking up”. Josiah calls that feeling “buzzering”. It’s a pretty accurate description, if you ask me.


I ordered a new
Adventures in Odyssey before Christmas and we {Corban, Josiah and I} have been listening to it every time we are in the van.
51ulAq5XVFL._SL500_AA300_The Truth Chronicles is based on The Truth Project by Focus on the Family. It is really good and Corban is soaking it up. Josiah is a little young to really get it yet, but he listens and enjoys it.


We tried to get together with some homeschool friends before Christmas for a little school party. It didn’t happen before Christmas because of illness, but we did manage to get together the week after. 

IMG_1519We made these cute little handprint snowman ornaments that I originally saw here. The kids had fun decorating their handprints and I think they turned out pretty sweet. We still got to enjoy them on the tree for a few days since it took me forever to take my tree down.  Yeah for procrastination :)

I love the show Parenthood.
It drives my husband batty. sometimes.
He hates it when they have people talk over people.
I think that just makes it seem more real. 
They are such a messed up family, but isn’t that really all of us to some extent?

Zeek Braverman….he is such a character.


My baby sister {I say baby because she is 12 1/2 years younger than me} was the recipient of the "stylish blogger award” and was nice enough to pass it on to me. I’m not so stylish compared to her, but I’ll take it anyway. I’m supposed to tell you things about myself that you may not know, but my brain isn’t up for that right now so I’ll do that part another time.

I will list a few of my favorite blog reads. The one’s I go to first when I see them in my reader.

Quiet Life~ amazing photography and a beautiful spirit.
Living Intentionally~ A beautiful look at a mom’s life with 2 {almost 3} little boys.
Life in Grace~ truly a life filled with grace and a heart for Christ. I think the Lord is using her in amazing ways.
Eclectic Whatnot~ makes me giggle {or snort} everyday.


there….I did it!

I blogged anyway.
it wasn’t sooo bad.
I feel better now, how about you?



  1. Hey for not having anything to blog about,Id say you've done quite well!
    We love Odyssey in our house too!

  2. I run into the same problem when life gets too stressful! I'm glad you blogged any way!

    I love Parenthood too, makes my hubby crazy too! Must not be a guy type of show.

    Have a great day! Stay cool...hehe!

  3. I love your random blog post! I hope you have a great weekend and gain a lot of bloggy inspiration!

  4. A creative minds like yours needs breaks to purge, reload, and quiet down. The post was perfect a mix of thoughts, plans, ideas and accomplishments.

    I am a baby blogger who finds inspiration, spiritual comfort and appreciation from all of you more seasoned bloggers. Keep up the good work you inspire when you don't even know it.

  5. Posts like this are fun. :) We get to see what's going on, and it's sort of like playing catch up.

    I love foodgawker. Well, it's actually a love/hate thing, and I'm sure you understand.

    My leg buzzered earlier from sitting on my couch too long looking at blogs.


    Have a great day and weekend!!

    Check out my giveaway!

  6. YAY for randomness!! I also love Parenthood!!

  7. What a great post! I was totally absorbed by the Truth Project link and FoodGawker, and whatdya' know, I get to the end and there is a sweet surprise for me! Thanks so much. Now I actually have something to blog about other than the mayhem that is happening in my house right now.
    Hugs to you.

  8. I"ve missed you! Good to see your back!!


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