Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost over

Baseball season is almost over

IMG_0128Corban had his last game of the season this week.
It was the first year his team has been very successful and it was sooo much more fun than the last few years. I’m kind of sad it’s all over.

Before one of the last games of the season the team met up at a nearby Sonic for ice cream. We had to move to another Sonic when the first one announced they were out of ice cream. What? seriously, no ice cream in the middle of the summer?

Josiah still has a few more t-ball “games” left. I use the term “game” very loosely. There is no score keeping, no outs and everyone gets a home run. Ya know, so everybody feels good about themselves. Ha! At least he is having fun.

I won mother of the year award this week when I completely forgot about picture day. I just snuck in behind the photographer and snapped my own pic.IMG_0199
I always hate feeling like I have to buy those silly pictures anyways. $15 saved. I might have to forget next time too.

Am I the only one that feels it is silly to buy all those sport pictures?



  1. I LOVE that you took your own photo! I am inspired to do the same for soccer this year for my daughter(except I do love the team shots we get in the package but ah well).

  2. Both our soccer and baseball leagues included a small photo pkg with registration. We got a 4 x6, 4 wallets and the team photo . That was good enough for me. I thought this was genius since I don't want to buy pics every season either.

  3. I usually just buy the team picture and one single pic. You took a great one!!


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