Monday, November 24, 2008

Dive in!

As we get ready to dive head long into the craziness of the season with shopping, gift giving & eating galore I thought it would be good to take a look at what our focus should be. I say this just as much to myself as anyone else (because I can shop with the best of 'em!, specifically BARGAIN shop and there are lots of those right now). Christmas is about giving. Not so much the giving that we do with one another, but the most precious gift that has ever been given, a Savior. A savior sent in the form of a baby, yet completely God. Christmas makes us feel all warm and fuzzy at the thought of a sweet baby being born and the fact that Christ came to earth is wonderful, but even more wonderful is the Cross. Christmas is important because without God sending his Son to earth, we could not get to the Cross. His birth points us to the Cross on which Christ died for each of us, that we may live eternally with Him in His glory. So in all your doings and givings this season, remember to share the message of the Cross with those you love. It's the ultimate gift.

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