Sunday, November 23, 2008

Short week

My menu this week is pretty short considering we will be off for Thanksgiving and my mother in law told me not to make anything and just consider it a vacation. So I'm not.....she won't let me...should I be offended or grateful? I don't think it's my cooking so I shall choose to be grateful. I'm trying not to end up with any leftovers so they are pretty simple meals. 

Monday: Bruschetta chicken bake, Broccoli, fried apples 

Tuesday: Fried egg sandwiches, orange slices, veggies with dip 

Saturday: Spaghetti and meatballs & garlic toast 

Sunday- Lunch: Mediterranean Chicken with couscous & salad Dinner: Thanksgiving leftovers probably 

Other things I plan on making this week: Zucchini bread, big batch of pancakes to freeze & Kate's maple pecan cookies 

Check out Laura's blog for lots more menu ideas.

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