Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Making your home a haven- Part 3

Unfortunately I have a busy day planned and won't get to spend much time on making my home a haven today. I need to go get groceries and help fix meatball sandwiches for dinner at church tonight and make 2 desserts for church as well. For those who might be following along with the Homespun Heart's challenge this week, today is about Caring for our homes and taking care of those little jobs that need to be done around our home, like mending, filing etc. Things that tend to get put in a pile (at least they do at my house) and not really managed in a timely manner. It is important to take care of these "little" jobs because I think they mentally weigh us down. Because of this, I think we aren't able to fully put our focus on our Lord and our families because we as women know there are "things that need to be done". So I challenge you to try to clear out at least one "oh-wow,how long has that been sitting there" chore today. Hopefully I will have enough time this afternoon to tackle at least one project and it will be the large shopping bag I have full of all my kids old art work. They need to be sorted and some trashed(please, don't tell them!) and possibly some scanned into the computer for later use. Any good ideas for storing children's art work long term? Hope you have a blessed day and please be in prayer for all those moms (and dads) out there striving to make their home a haven.


  1. On Oprah yesterday-free offer to make book of kids art work from

    Details here:

    Hurry not much time left to take advantage of this offer.

  2. Oh yes! a friend sent me the link today and I worked on putting together an album for our summer vacation. Thanks for the info.


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