Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making your home Joyful!

What better way to make your Home a Haven than to make it FUN! I know that I sometimes struggle with this because I automatically think MESS when I think about fun and kids together. I just need someone to come along and remind me (each day....I forget easily) that my children will grow way too fast and be out of my home in no time flat. Therefore, I need to make the most of every moment with them. I want them to have joy filled memories of our home and then be able to pass that on to their own families. Here are some things on my list to help make that happen: (This is not a to do list for the day......just the near future)
  • Make caramel apples and cover them in chopped up candy (Halloween leftovers)
  • Bring out the paints more often
  • Playdoh- fun and great for small motor development (we actually do this quite often and it never gets old)
  • Play outside with the kids while it is still decent
  • Partake in a family Wii tournament- Corban loves this
  • Work on some homemade ornaments with the kids for gift giving
  • Work a puzzle with Brittney
Please know that you could play all the games in the world, do crafts, etc. and still not have a "joy" filled home. Laugh a lot, sing and dance, be a little goofy, but most importantly teach them about Jesus along the way.........after all, that is where the ultimate joy comes from. For more ideas on Making your home a haven visit Monica and The Homespun Heart


  1. If I haven't said it before, I LOVE your blog! It makes me happy when I read it and gives me good ideas! :)

  2. Thanks Jenny.....It makes me happy to call you my friend!

  3. Very inspiring! I like your list. There's some things I need to reapply to our life. I did them all the time w/my first & now that I have two .. I'm not so quick to do those things but want to ya know?

  4. Nice blog! Thanks for the reminder too! I really need to remind myself to smile more, read stories to the children and just really enjoy them. They will be grown up before I know it! Then I'll have all the time for cleaning etc....


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