Saturday, December 20, 2008

A little down

Not me, I'm great, but my computer is on the fritzo so I really haven't been able to do as much posting as I would like. We apparently have a virus of sorts. I logged in yesterday to mozilla and it opened it up 125 times before I could stop it. A little freaky, but hopefully my sweet computer nerdy husband can work on it this weekend. I also haven't been keeping up with my Proverbs 31 study because it is....on the computer. I did make marshmallows last night and they are absolutely wonderful as far as marshmallows go. You can tell they are marshmallows, but they are sooooo much different than a store bought one, in a very good way. Eric just went to Walmart and he's getting me some more gelatin so I can make some chocolate or peppermint ones....that would be so yummy in hot cocoa now wouldn't it? We are looking forward to going down to Crown Center this evening to do some ice skating, look at lights and eat some dinner. We always come back through The Plaza to look at the lights and then down Ward Parkway to see some wonderful displays. This one neighbor hood strings lights from the tops of the trees across the streets and everywhere, it's super cool and the kids really enjoy it. Not sure I'm doing it justice in my description, I'll take a picture to show you. ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT.....can you believe it? Is all your shopping done? I'm working on sweet treats to give to family and friends today so I'm off to bake. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. i am wrapping presents right now, well I am taking a break, but I WAS wrapping them. Also, I made your pretzel rolo thingys. OH WOW! Those are AWESOME!!!!


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