Friday, December 19, 2008

Playin' Catch up

I tried to get on blogger yesterday, but it wouldn't let me log in for whatever reason so I didn't get to post my daily picture and tell ya about my day. It was a good one, I tell ya! It started at about 4:30am with Corban waking up sick and throwing up all day long until about 11:00pm. Poor guy, he missed his Christmas party at school and his friends birthday party last night...ugh! The first thing he said after his first throw up at 4:30 in the morning was "does this mean I can't go to Tanner's birthday?" (crying while he asked) sad. There was much drama early on in the day as he figured out he would miss 2 parties, but we both agreed it was better to be sick this Thursday than next Thursday (Christmas). So I pretty much disinfected everything I could yesterday, washed all the towels, blankets, toothbrushes, etc. I got really motivated around 4pm and scrubbed the entire bathroom and even washed the shower curtain (really needed it!). Nothing like a good sickness to really bring out the "Lysol lady" in me. Oh, and I cleaned some carpet...I'll leave you to guess why. Thank goodness for the portable DVD player my parents gave Britt last year for her birthday. I was able to quarantine Corban to his own bed to watch movies, play video games and snooze all day. Eric and Britt went and picked up Berkley at the airport last night and got home around midnight. I don't know what time the girls finally fell asleep, but I'm sure it was late. They were terribly gabby and LOUD, which was to be expected. They did have to keep it down a bit just because the boys need sleep and Eric did have to go to work today. We finally dozed off around 1am, but they were still up being giddy girls. I am so happy for both of them to be back together again, it just hasn't been the same without her around all the time. We missed her a ton and we will be sad to send her back home (maybe we'll just keep her). That's my day in a nutshell, nothing profound, no recipes, no great wisdom. Nothing much accept taking care of my sick boy and cleaning my home. Not much, but a lot all at the same time. This is what being a mom is about, taking care of those little ones the Lord has entrusted to you, both physically and spiritually, and creating a soft..clean, place for your family to fall at days end. Thank you Lord, for giving me the opportunity. Here is the picture I would have posted yesterday:

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