Friday, June 4, 2010

The Summer Snapshot linky is up and running

The party has started!

I sure hope some of you will play along! {seriously…at least 1 person please!}

I made a special page to host the party for the duration of the summer so link up and visit back often to check out the other entries and encourage one another.

I even made a special button for the party so grab it and post it somewhere on your blog so your readers can share in the fun.


I really want this to be an encouragement for each of you to pick up your camera and document those moments that flitter away if we don’t capture them.

My day was filled with laundry and cleaning. The boys played legos and water balloons outside and I don’t have much to show for the day except this gem
IMG_5911 this is how I found him this morning at about 7:30. Shortly afterwards he spotted himself in the mirror and declared “huh, I’m missin’ some pants”.



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