Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Menu Plan and Menu Plan Printables

Happy belated Independence Day!!
Honestly, it just never quite felt like the 4th of July to me. 
In my head it shouldn’t be July yet so how can it be July 4th, right?
I know I am weird and I’m ok with it.
On a positive note, since it IS July, my Birthday is next weekend. yeah!
I can deal with that. I made it another year!

I have been horrible about making a menu plan lately. Summer just kills my desire to cook or plan. There is no consistent routine in the Summer and things I do plan sometimes don’t work out.

summer menu pic
That is why I thought this Summer Menu from Cleanmama was absolutely genius. It’s repetitive each week, but not as repetitive as say “Taco Tuesday” and “Spaghetti Sunday”, etc. I just can’t repeat that often, it would drive me nuts and I think my family might revolt.

I found this last night so I plan on working on my own version of the Summer Menu this week, but for this week I do have a regular old plan.

Monday~ We had slider party for the 4th

Tuesday~ Grilled Chicken with
Black Bean and Corn Salad and parmesan noodles

Slow cooker pork chops, Brown rice and Salad

Kelly’s overnight chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans

Friday~ Salmon Patties, Macaroni and cheese and Peas

Chicken lime tacos, saffron rice and black beans

Sunday~ Leftovers for lunch, BLT’s for dinner

I have been fairly boring about my menu plan lately and I just write it out in my little notebook and post it here, but it could be so much cuter. There are so many cute menu/shopping printables out there in blogland. Here are just a few you could use.

The Sister Café

menu plan
The Idea Room


Tip Junkie

notebook_food_menu_planner_weekly.previewOrganized Home


This is a whole menu system from BHG that uses labels printed on magnetic paper. So organized.

How about you, is it harder for you to keep a plan in the summer? Easier? I would love to know I am not alone.



  1. I've printed off menu planners and you know what - that's as far as I've ever got. Give me school books and I'll plan out the year. Ask me what's for dinner?

    (Do you hear the silence?)

    I like seeing what you are planning.
    How is Izzy? We miss her.

  2. Hello! These are great... I have no planning system and I need one! Thanks for making it easier for me ( -:

  3. I just found your blog through faith blogs! :-) I LOVE this idea! :-) I seem to "get off of my schedule" during the summer too!!!

  4. Love the menu plans. So busy lately with school and activities for my kids this would be so helpful! Just need to do it! =) I also work with Pacific Merchants. They have a fabulous line of kitchenware - http://www.pacificmerchants.com/specials/new-seasonal-specials-and-sets-1.html If you enter the code PM20YEARS at checkout you can get 20 percent off your purchase too!


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