Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Catalog Reveal!!

The New Uppercase Living Spring/Summer Catalog is here!!!! To view it online go to: Alisa.uppercaseliving.net
Have you taken down all your holiday decorations and feel your walls look a little bare or possibly even boring? Uppercase Living expressions are an easy and economical way to bring some life to your walls or other surfaces in your home. We have tons of new expressions as well as new colors and accessories.....check them out, you are going to love them!!!
We have some special incentives available for you until the end of February!! Be the first to book and hold an Open house and receive a special gift from me!
For the Hostess:
More Free Product!!!! Who doesn't love more free stuff?
When you host an open house or catalog party and collect at least $200 in orders you begin to earn free and half-price expressions or accessories. During January and February you will automatically be bumped up to the next earning level and receive even more free and half-price expressions or accessories. This is in addition to any Double-up rewards you may have from previous purchases. For the Customer:
Exclusive project kit!!!
Not only will you still earn free expressions at the $50, $75 & $100 purchase levels, but you will also be able to purchase an exclusive project pack worth for $25 (a $50 value). This pack, called the Little Hands Keepsake, is available in your choice of three colors and contains everything you need to create a memorable Off-the-Wall project you can keep for yourselves or give to someone you love. It is a very sweet project you will cherish for years to come. (I would be more than happy to email you a picture of the kit) For New Demonstrators:
Starter kits are on sale!!!!
Need to earn some extra money or just always dreamed of running your own business.....here is the perfect opportunity!! New demonstrators signing up between now and February 28th will receive the following discounts on Starter Kits: (I'll be happy to give you more information about the kit contents or you can see it on my website) · Esentials Plus Kit for $199.00. Regular price is $249.00 That’s a savings of $50! (Don’t forget the $100 product credit you will get as well!) · Essentials Kit for $119.00. Regular Price is $149.00 That’s a savings of $30 and you get $25 product credit! How to place an individual order: You may now order online at alisa.uppercaseliving.net if you desire to just place an individual order. I would still love to talk with you before hand if you have any questions. How to host a catalog party: I will put together a packet of information for you to share with your friends, family & co-workers as well as a couple of catalogs to circulate. Collect orders and turn them into me. Once you reach $200 in orders you begin earning free stuff!!! Yes, it's that easy!! To host an open house if you are in the Kansas City area: Just contact me and we can set up a date! I have weeknights, weekdays & weekend time slots available.
Please contact me at: Alisa Young Wallwords@yahoo.com

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