Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sweet whole wheat goodness

I really like the idea of using whole wheat flour in my baking since it's much more nutritious than white flour. I also like the idea of using "unbleached" flour....who wants their flour bleached? eww! Anyway, I've found that Bob's red mill Whole Wheat pastry flour is great for use in pastries (hence the name) like cookies, muffins, pancakes, quick bread etc., but could never find a whole wheat flour that I liked for bread and roll making. Most made the bread much too heavy and just not very tasty. I have managed to make a decent roll before with white flour (the best, my husband says), but always came up short in my whole wheat roll endevors. Not any more! I have found, thanks to Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers (she grinds her own...seriously), that Whole Wheat flour made from hard white wheat is much softer and lighter in texture, but has the same nutritional value as that made from red wheat. Once I learned this I went searching and let me tell you, this stuff is hard to find! Sure, I could order it online, but I find that to be a hassle and I certainly don't want to pay shipping charges. I finally found some and it is made here in Kansas so it's local and I love that. It is Hudson Cream whole wheat flour and I found it at Price Chopper. It is so much lighter and softer than regular whole wheat flour and doesn't weigh down your dough. I'm so thankful to have finally found a better alternative than regular old processed white four and it still tastes great! visit Laura's Gratituesday, Kitchen tip Tuesday and Talk about it Tuesday

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  1. OH, I will have to look for that... I am in love with king arthur flours! Someday I will grind my own... (A woman can dream!)


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