Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All things work together

I was looking at some old photos last night and ran across some photos of Josiah on the day he had his heart surgery almost 2 1/2 years ago (he was 13 months old). I was thinking about a conversation we had in Sunday school the other day about how God allows things to happen to us, but he can always use those situations for good. Sometimes you may be put in a bad situation, but you can use that as an opportunity to share the love of Christ with someone you may have never crossed paths with previously. Other times I think the Lord allows things to be "wrong" to help save ourselves or lead us to a bigger problem that needs to be fixed.

All things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

Let me explain.....when I was pregnant with Josiah I was planning on having him the regular old way since Britt came naturally (Corban was a planned c-section....another long story), my Dr. felt I could do it. Well Josiah turned breech at the very end and so we had to do a planned c-section once again. During the hour long prep for my surgery they monitor you very closely and that is when they noticed Josiah had a heart arrhythmia that never showed up before so they knew they would have a cardiologist come in and look at him when he was born. So they did and the cardiologist ran tests and determined he had a hole in his heart and that it would more than likely close on it's own by 6months of age...good news, but still a concern. The cardiologist also noted that he watched the Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA) close while he was doing the testing. The PDA is a heart valve that is open during gestation and allows the blood to by-pass the lungs, but after birth it closes within an few days. We went back to the cardiologist at 6 months and found that indeed his hole had closed up beautifully...thank you very much Lord! We also found out that his PDA had opened back up for some reason and that is was a rare occurrence for this to happen. He didn't feel like it would close on it's own, but wanted to wait another 6 months to see and if not he would have to have surgery to repair the valve. It was a long, anxious 6 month wait. Josiah was never a very good eater, he never ate more than a 4 oz bottle at a time and was a sweat head with the littlest of effort. Well, it all became clear after the PDA diagnosis that his little heart was working extra hard to do the simplest of things. When I brought these concerns to his pediatrician (before we knew about the PDA) he was never too concerned because he was large for his age and seemed to gain weight just fine. Ok.....crazy mommy is a little paranoid somethings wrong. Something was wrong and without all the little problems along the way, I fear we would not have found out the BIG problem before his little heart was just too tired. I am so thankful he turned breech so they would have to do all the monitoring before surgery and find the heart arrhythmia and then find the hole in his heart that would then lead us to the cardiologist who thankfully found the open valve that needed to be repaired. Seems like a long chain of events, but God knew exactly what He was doing and I'm so glad He is in control and not me. Left to my own devises I would have had him naturally and who knows how long it would have taken to figure all this out. For those who don't know, Josiah did have his heart surgery at 13 months of age and has done beautifully ever since. He eats great....obviously, you don't get to be 50lbs at 3 years old without eating good and he is no longer a total sweat head. A sign that his heart is not working on overload. I am so very thankful for God not leaving us to our own will, but that his will is done. Here he is with Daddy shortly after waking up and several hours later playing in his bed. Later that night, he was at home running around like a maniac and NOT sweating...it was great! check out Gratituesday and Talk about it Tuesday for more stories.


  1. What a beautiful story. I feel the same way about how God has things happen in a certain way. I try to look at my life as a giant jigsaw puzzle; He may give me one piece from the left hand side of the puzzle and another piece from the middle and a piece from the bottom right and I have no clue how they fit, but God does. At the end of my life it will be a beautiful complete picture, written and assembled by God. I am so glad to hear that Josiah is now a happy and healthy three year old. What a blessing!

  2. It's so neat to see how God works! Thanks for sharing :)


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