Monday, February 2, 2009

Is it really Monday already??

We were up way too late last night, as I'm sure many of you were too. We had a Super Bowl party at church and it was great fun with about 70 people or so attending. Only problem was we didn't leave until about 9:30 and had to take Britt's friend home so we didn't make it home until about 10:15. 

Ouch for the kids this morning! 

Corban had early math at 7:30 and really struggled to get out of bed, poor guy. I let him sleep as long as possible (7:10) so he could just roll out of bed, get dressed, brush his teeth and go out the door. He gets to eat breakfast at school, which he thinks is very cool. 

I've got a busy week ahead of finishing up the decorations, cake and what not for my friend Shannon's baby shower on Sunday. 

To add to my already long to-do list week my washer broke again on Saturday night (please pray Eric can re-solder the pulley again so it can hang in there a little longer).So this means I shall be at the laundromat doing mountains & mountains of guessed it....LAUNDRY! I haven't been real focused on the laundry lately so I'm a bit behind. 

Last night I told Eric he would have to take a day off work this week since he only has 4 pairs of dress pants clean....he seemed ok with that idea......maybe he can fix that part while he's home. 

I've got my menu made out for the week and hopefully I can stick to it better than I have done lately. Here's what I've got planned. 

Monday: BBQ chicken sandwiches, cheesy corn & homemade applesauce 

Tuesday: Cheeseburger casserole, green beans and cheesy garlic biscuits 

Wednesday: We'll be having enchilada casserole at church and I'm bringing chocolate eclair cake & no-bake cookies 

Thursday: Chicken with stuffing, corn and salad (maybe homemade rolls if I have the time?) 

Friday: Spaghetti, salad and garlic bread  

Saturday: pizza for the kids, Eric and I have date night  

Sunday: Not sure yet.....still thinking since I won't be home till 5:30 or so. 

visit orgjunkie for more menu ideas

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  1. If I lived closer I would come keep you company at the laundromat. :)


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