Sunday, February 22, 2009

Menu plan - Week of 2/23

Wow! Only one week left of February and we are heading into spring. I know it's close because on Friday I saw 3 sets of Cardinals sitting on the gutter out front. We normally have Cardinals in our yard, but never 3 sets of them. Weren't we just making our new years resolutions like last week? I guess that's life....time flies and it goes faster with each new year. I must be getting old....I sound like my grandmother. Enough of that chit about my plan for the week? Here's how it's gonna go:  

Monday: Mediterranean Chicken with couscous & salad (I'll be posting this how to on easy and so good!)  

Tuesday: Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw & yummy corn casserole spoon bread stuff  

Wednesday: Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs & fruit at Church, I'll be taking a caramel roll dessert and blueberry cobbler (Christi C. is bringing cinnamon rolls...oh, I so can't wait for this evening...please don't let any kids get sick!)  

Thursday: Sweet and sour meatballs w/ brown rice & salad  

Friday: Southwest chicken with balsamic corn and black bean succotash ( I promise to post this recipe is very yummy and super easy)  

Saturday: Birthday dinner at a friends house (yeah for cooking!)  

Sunday: Lunch- Youth group dinner @ church Dinner- I'm still thinking on this one, we have a basketball awards ceremony so it will have to be quick and easy....maybe Taco bueno?? 

Visit Org. Junkie for hundreds of menu planning ideas.


  1. sounds delicious I just found your blog but I am going to look around a bit to get some great recipes

  2. Great menu. The Mediterranean chicken sounds delicious. Have a great week.


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