Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend was great, Monday....not so much!

We had a fantastic week and weekend. For me the best part started when my friend Laura, who moved away not too long ago, called Thursday evening and wanted to know if she could come over and hang out. I knew she was coming in town, but didn't expect to see her until Friday so it was a VERY nice surprise. We also met up with Dana on Friday for lunch at Jose Peppers (yum, yum!). I was sad to see Laura go back to OK, but I know I'll see her again in a few weeks so it wasn't horrible. We had a great time catching up...felt like she never left. You know someone is a real good friend when you can pick up right where you left off. Eric and I met some friends for dinner on Friday night and had a wonderful time laughing and joking with each other. Saturday was Corban's birthday so Eric's mom came up from MO and stayed the weekend with us. My mops group had a family bowling outing planned so we did that and took a cake with us to share for the birthday boy. The birthday boy in action We had a lot of fun watching all the kids bowl. Josiah just totally gets into it and stands waiting....taping his toe....hands on the ball s-l-o-w-l-y rolls down the lane. Bad pic, but here's "the waiting stance" and the perfect form of a 3 year old Surprisingly, it never got stuck mid lane. Corban played with his friends and for a boy who can't concentrate on more than one direction at a time, he managed to stay on task and whip out a whole nother (yeah, I know it's not a word, but it's what sounded the best) game than the rest of us. Sunday finally rolled around and we had church, always fun and encouraging to be with your brothers and sisters in Christ. After church we brought home 2 of Corban's friends to help us celebrate his birthday with family. Family came over to celebrate and we had yet another cake and some ice cream...yeah. Eric's mom & Josiah And here's my family: I'm certain they are all watching the birthday boy open his gifts, but it looks suspiciously like they are staring at the KU basketball game.....I'm sure they wouldn't do that! The boys were great....noisy....but great and polite. **Bad mom award** No candles to be found except a 7 and a 2...that makes 9 right?? Math on your birthday is so very lame! I LOVE how all the boys are "helping" him blow out his candles. Nerf guns, Legos and light sabers were the hit of the party. Nerf darts flying everywhere and at everyone. All 5 boys had their own gun, so I think you can get a pretty good idea of the chaos. The weekend was all great and dandy and then we woke up today. About 8:30 this morning the phone rang and the caller ID showed Eric's boss' name. My ♥ sank a bit. He was calling to let me know Eric had fallen and probably broken his ankle and that he'd call me with more info later. I hung up the phone, glad it wasn't anything more serious, but sad for the pain my sweetie must be in. I waited around quite a while to hear from someone as to Eric's status. He works at a hospital so I knew he was being well taken care of and would have "visitors" checking in on him. The kids and I got ready and were leaving the house, when Corban went out to get in the van and announced that a branch had fallen. Sort about AN ENTIRE TREE!! on top of my van. It didn't do any damage to the van, a couple scratches, nothing big. I did manage to get enough of it cut back to move the van out. As I was digging the van out, Corban say's "this is a real great day mom (note the sarcasm of my little boy), first dad's hurt and now our favorite climbing tree is down". I said, yep! But at least you kids weren't out here playing on the driveway when it fell. Good point! We are all ok and dad's ankle will heal with time. Surely a 3rd thing won't happen....right??? If you actually managed to read this whole post...thanks for sticking around. I hope you have a glorious week. God is good ALL the time! (Even when a tree falls on your car and your hubby breaks his ankle.)


  1. Ugh! Why do things always happen at the same time. We are praying for you guys.

  2. What a yicky Monday. Hopefully your week is on the up swing. Your weekend looked packed with love and fun. What a great way to celebrate Corban. Just keep looking at those pictures.


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