Thursday, April 23, 2009


That's what I'm going to do....retreat! I'm getting away for the rest of the week and all day Saturday to go to a Women's retreat down at Ozark Christian College. I am so looking forward to just getting away with no laundry to do or meals to cook. Of course, I'll miss the family, but the chores I will not! I set out this morning to go get my oldest son some new shorts since it is forecast to be in the 80's and he has no shorts that still fit...not even close. He has really filled out since about January which I find peculiar considering that's around the same time he became a terribly picky eater...go figure? Anyhoo, Josiah and I went to the mall to buy said shorts and came out to a van that would not go. I'm sure it would have gone if only the key would have turned in the ignition. So my nice mother resuced us and we just finally got the thing towed to our home (nearly midnight...uugh!). My day so did not go as planned and I certainly didn't get everything done that I needed to before I leave. Oh well, no one will notice if I'm wearing clean clothes...right? Or if the bathroom is clean?? It's been a long day and I'm a bit tired. Maybe I'll get something accomplished in the morning before I have to leave. I am looking forward to a weekend of friendship, fellowship and relaxing...sounds nice huh?

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  1. I'm jealous. I really want to go but it didn't work out. Have an awesome time!


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