Friday, April 17, 2009

Total Randomness

  • We have a busy weekend planned. Our friends that moved away in January are coming over here tomorrow as well as some other friends from church so it should be a good time. We also have Church, Baseball and Bowling on Sunday. Busy, but fun!
  • The other day I was in the bathroom trying to make myself presentable for the day when I saw Josiah walk down the hall to look in the mirror. I heard a little whimper so I asked what was wrong. He came to me with one hand rubbing his upper lip and said in the tiniest frightened little voice "mommy, I have a mustache". I tried not to laugh right in his face and reassured him he did not have a mustache, but he was insistent and he did not care for it one bit. I took a look and sure enough he just had a chapped lip and it was rough so he was sure it was a mustache. Bless his little heart...apparently 3 year old's don't like mustaches much. (It still cracks me up thinking about it).
  • I can't believe I've already done 150 posts. Who knew I'd have that much to say? Thanks for reading.
  • This post by Shannon is completely hilarious and totally should read it, but only if you are a grown woman and would like to laugh.
  • I am totally looking forward to our women's retreat next weekend. A time of refreshment and fellowship is always nice. No laundry or cooking isn't bad either!

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