Sunday, April 19, 2009

Menu plan - Week of 4/20 & Swiss oats

We had a wonderful weekend with a house full of friends on Saturday. Lots of good conversation, yummy food, catching up and a couple good games of telephone pictionary. Today after church we had a bowling tournament at a nearby bowling alley. Our church is fairly small (200 or so) and there were probably 75 people who came to play so it was a great turn out. The kids had a blast and the adults tried not to hurt themselves too badly. I have a women's retreat this weekend so I won't technically be cooking everything on my menu this week. 

My mother in law will be coming for a couple days to take care of Josiah during the day so she will also help with meals while I'm gone. 

Not that my hubby can't cook, he absolutely can, but I'm pretty sure he won't want to come in from a looooong day at work and cook. So thanks to my MIL for stepping in to help. 

Here's how the week looks:  

Monday: Terriyaki chicken (I'll post my recipe for this Tuesday), Brown rice & Broccoli 
Tuesday: Tacos  

Wednesday: Dinner @ church (spaghetti bake...yum) I'm going to take my one pan fudge cake & a strawberry trifle for dessert  

Thursday: Tamale pie, salad & fruit  

Friday: Meatloaf (from the freezer), mashed potatoes & corn

Saturday: Creamy Italian chicken casserole, salad & bread  

Sunday: Lunch- Eat out somewhere Dinner- leftovers if there are any or chicken quesedillas 

I also plan to make up some Perfect Pancakes and some Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit cups for breakfast. 
I might also make some Swiss oats (recipe below)  

Swiss Oats- (this is extremely simple and a make-ahead the night before recipe..oh, and it's yummy.) 

1 ½ cups oats (rolled or quick) 
1 ¼ cups milk (skim, soy, 1%...doesn't matter) 
2 T. honey 
½ tsp. cinnamon 

Mix the above in a large bowl and allow to soak overnight, covered in the fridge. In the morning add any of the following 2 cups fresh or dried fruit (strawberries, blueberries, banana, raisins, etc.) ¼ cup chopped nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans etc.) Mix it all together gently or prepare by the bowl. This serves approximately 4.

For more great menu inspirations check out org For more great recipes go here or here


  1. Delicious menu plan! YUM! Those all sound great!
    Thanks for sharing your recipes!!!

  2. I am an oatmeal lover, almost any kind of oatmeal recipe gets me longing for a bowl, but this sounds delicious and I'm eager to give it a try! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Kristin K

  3. Good menu! the swiss oats sound great... I'm going to try that. Thanks.

  4. Hi, I loved the oatmeal. I never knew you could make it that way; thought you had to heat it an cook it or add hot water to the instant.

  5. I love the overnight oatmeal idea, thanks!


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