Monday, June 15, 2009

Menu plan- week of 6/15/09

It's been a busy few days around here. I had a garage sale at my Mom's house this past Friday and Saturday. Of course, in true Alisa fashion, I waited until the last possible moment to get all my things priced and organized. I should stop doing that. It really makes things harder than if I just did a little at a time. Will, I ever learn?...... probably not. Not only did we have a successful garage sale, but my daughter decided she would walk my sister's dog and successfully ended up with a broken finger. Not so bad, you would think. At the most they would tape her two fingers together, right? She has a big ol' purple cast on her hand all the way up her forearm. It did look pretty nasty. The break is at the base of her finger, so I guess that's why the cast is necessary?.? We will go back to the Dr. Wednesday to see how long she needs the cast. Our week isn't too busy. We have baseball and I have an Uppercase Living open house one night, but other than that it's unplanned for the most part. I told the kids we would try and get out and do some of the things on our list this week. The big 2 will be gone to church camp next week so I'd like to do something fun this week. I did pretty well staying on my menu plan last week, until the weekend came. We ended up at the hospital and had an impromptu lunch at a friends house on Sunday and then we went back to the hospital on Sunday to get the cast on. Unexpected things derail me very easily, but that's ok. That's life. Here's how our plan looks this week:
Monday: Southwest Chicken with corn and black bean succotash
Tuesday: Sausage egg casserole & fruit smoothies
Wednesday: Ravioli, salad & peasant bread
Thursday: Grilled pork steaks, rice & grilled veggies
Friday: Meatball souvlaki, Greek couscous salad
Saturday: Amy's grilled chicken & whatever I find at the farmer's market (yum!)
Sunday: Father's Day!!! We will eat lunch out and then take the big kids to camp. We'll do whatever Eric wants for dinner.
Have you ever made pizza on the grill?? I'm not a big pizza fan, but we tried this last week and it was fabulous! I'll tell ya all about it tomorrow. You MUST try it! Visit OrgJunkie for more great menu ideas. Happy cooking!

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