Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas to Me!!

I've been saving my $$$....

and wishing 

and dreaming

and bidding {on Ebay}

for about 6 months now

for one of these sweet babies.

I really had nothing on my Christmas list except more $$$$ so that I could FINALLY buy it soooo......

Hubby and I decided that it would be better to have it FOR Christmas than to order it after so I spent my Christmas $$$$ early and bought it!!


I can't wait!!


  1. Morning Alisa,
    So excited for you that you got a new camera, how neat! Now we will be expecting lots of great pics. Only Kidding, no pressure!
    We don't want to overwhelm you anymore than you are!! lol
    Hope you are feeling like you are getting a handle on things. Christmas is so wonderful but there is a lot to do. I have been praying for you hon, cause you are right, we need to be able to enjoy the season and get the work done. I have found that as I am getting older and not moving as quickly as I used to, I am learning to say so what if this or that doesn't get done.
    Course, we have no kiddies at home so that make a difference. We probably aren't gonna do lights outside this year because since we are both sick no one feels like it,
    and by the time hubby does it will almost be Christmas. Think I am just gonna put some jars out with epsom salt for snow and led tealight candles. It want look quite as festive, but better than nothing!! lol
    You have a good day Sweetie!,
    Blessings to you and yours
    and Merry Christmas!!

  2. Congrats on your camera! We absolutely love having one to capture all those special moments. I'm very proud of you to wait 6 months and work towards it. That is just not the way most people do things. I searched your blog yesterday for your lesson on pics and tried to post a pic of sis on my last blog. When I uploaded it through blogger it looked blurry so I tried the photobucket approach and did as you said. At first it was crystal clear like the original but when I logged off and went back later it was all blurry again! Any ideas o' wise one?

  3. ummm, not sure. I'll be happy to look at it tomorrow and see if we can figure out why. Did you take it with your camera or your phone?

  4. I took it with my camera in September and my version of it is crystal clear. It's a really precious pic but blogger can't seem to handle it. I tried resizing it on photobucket in case it was just to big and not transferring well. I don't know grrrr.


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