Sunday, January 10, 2010

Menu plan - Week of 1/11/10

We've had a great weekend here. Had my sister's baby shower yesterday and it was lots of fun. I went to church today and I have to say the highlight was holding and loving on my friend Kelly's new baby girl. She was born on Christmas day and is one of 6 {yes, SIX} sweet girls. She is just one of the prettiest babies I've seen in a while. I could go on and on, but I'll stop now.

I've been doing my bible reading and am all the way through Genesis and on into Exodus. I missed Friday night so I've got to make it up in the next couple days. 

I think what I like so much about doing this 90 day challenge is that I know if I miss a day it is going to be HARD to catch up so that motivates me to not put it off. I'm a procrastinator by nature and I think that the idea of reading the bible in a year...


that leaves all sorts of time for,


I would always tell myself I'd catch up the next day and then the next day and so on until I just wasn't doing it at all.

I have to say that I believe the Lord is helping me along on this challenge. I am not normally a big reader because I generally get very sleepy when I read for very long. I have not been the slightest bit sleepy and I really think that comes from the Lord. Thank you!

I have finally put together an actual menu plan this week. My brain can only organize so many things at a time and I've been on overload since the end of November. Things have been wonky with the kids out of school and family in town that I just haven't gotten one put together in a while. 

NO worries though, my family hasn't starved, but we have eaten out a few too many times recently. A menu helps sooo much and I know that, but somehow just didn't manage to get it all pulled together over the holidays.

Here's what I've got down for this week:

Monday: Some of this chicken, homemade sweet potato fries and salad

Tuesday: Meatball sandwiches, cheesy corn and homemade applesauce

Wednesday: Taco soup and potato soup at church {I think I might even make some of PW's cinnamon rolls for dessert}

Thursday: Chicken Taos with rice & green beans

Friday: Barbeque meatballs, mashed potatos, corn

Saturday: Salmon patties, parmesan noodles & salad

Sunday: French dip sandwiches in the crockpot and probably something {non}fancy on the side

I also plan on making another batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup to have on hand for lunch this week.

Head on over to organizing junkie for more menu ideas

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  1. Morning Alissa,
    So glad to hear you are doing so well on your bible reading, that is great! I go thru times like that where I get real sleepy too,
    and I just hate it. It is during allergy season, so I will wait till after lunch then read and if I get tired I take a short nap.
    Course, I don't have lil ones running around so I can do that!
    Not so easy to do if you have young ones at home.
    I think everyone gets out of wack and off schedule during the Christmas season cause there is so many extra things to do, so you are not alone in that boat!! lol
    I am still trying to get my house back to normal, it is coming soon
    I think. I have finished the family room, bathroom, and part of the dining room, so need to finish that today and then I need to do the living room. Will be extremely happy if I can get finished before spring comes at the rate I am going!! lol
    How is the weather up your way??
    Hope you guys are staying warm!!
    We went to 25 again last night,
    we are just amazed here in Florida
    cause this is the longest freeze I can remember for this area anyway.
    Even KeyWest had frost yesterday,
    a record after 150 years, can you imagine!! We used to live their,
    in fact, we grew up there, my hubby all the time, me just in the summer time. We left their about a year after we were married, and that was 38 years ago.
    Well, I am about to write a novel
    so guess I better go!
    Blessings hon,


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