Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not Much

We are just hanging out....indoors
because it's cold out....brrr!

Made some cupcakes to take to church this evening.....48 of them
don't you just love cupcakes?
I do
Small sweet little packages of love
ready to be gobbled up by little mouths. 

They don't move when you try to take their picture either {unlike 4 year olds}

While making said cupcakes I've been enjoying this
came out yesterday....and I LOVE it!
You should definitely get it!

My living room floor has looked like this for the greater part of the last week or so
I've also been enjoying this sweet little bowl and plate I got yesterday
I love polka dots......any color really, but this combo just struck me as perfect. They make me smile!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your cupcakes look YUUUUMMMMMYYY! I'm drooling. For real! Cute bowl too.

  2. Ahhhh....ADORABLE cupcakes! I would love to be a fly in your house for a day!!

  3. Adorable cupcakes and I LOVE the polka dots!!!

  4. WOW! My husband just surprised me with that same CD. Toby Mac is awesome!So are those cupcakes!
    Kim in Mid TN

  5. Someone is enjoying her new camera :) You are taking beautiful pictures. Great JOB!

  6. Oh Alisa,
    I want a cupcake, they are really pretty and looks so tasty. Can't you just blog one over to me!! lol
    My son used to love love love to play with legos. He and his cousin would play for hours on end, legos
    were the best spent money we ever spent!! I have saved his biggest sets for when he has children, if that ever occurs!! lol
    Guess when we go thru out 2nd childhood as old people then we can play with them!! lol
    Like you new polka dot cup and saucer it is really cute. Bought my daughter some red polka dot mugs for her birthday cause she saw them at Ross and was in love
    with them!
    I have thought I might like to put some in the kitchen but haven't seen any fabric that works yet.
    I would like to make a tablecloth
    and an ironing bd. cover to match.
    Course, I really haven't look that much yet.
    Well, you have a good rest of the week, and try and stay warm. Guess you probably have snow on the ground as well.
    Praying for all of you snowbirds,
    I am sure it is getting tiresome.
    Blessings hon,


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