Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unwrapping a Tuesday

Today is kinda dreary outside.
rainy, but not cold.
it wouldn't seem so bad if we hadn't just been blessed with 4 glorious days
of flyin' high at the playground kinda weather {love that grin}
We haven't accomplished much today except playing
that's ok too though. Some days are just like that.

Yesterday was very productive for me.
Not much to show for it, but a bunch of food to eat.
Speaking of food, did I ever show you my new crockpot I bought myself
It is currently slaving away while I play.
I bought it the day after Thanksgiving for only $13. Love it!
I joke that I had my old crockpot longer than I've had my husband {it's true}
It served me well over the years, but it is nice to have one that is somewhat programmable.

Have I told you lately how completely blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband.
I am! 
He totally fixed my van....{again} over the weekend. 
I no longer go clickity clack as I drive down the road.
Not every man can do that. I know it isn't his most favorite thing to do {I think he refers to it being similar to "pulling his fingernails out one by one"..eww}, but he does it anyway because it costs a whole lot less than paying someone else to do it.
I appreciate him so very much.

I read this post by Kristen today and sobbed. Just giving you fair warning...don't go read this unless you have $38 a month to give away and a box of tissues handy. 

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  1. I could use a new crock pot. Yours looks spiffy.

  2. I love it when my husband fixes my car too . . . makes me feel loved :-)

  3. I know I have been reading about the Kenya trip *sniff sniff*


  4. A new crockpot and a mechanically inclined husband...blessed!


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