Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu plan - Week of 3/8/10

It's been a few weeks since I've actually posted a menu plan and that leads to, well NO real menu plan. Which in turn leads to wasting money at the grocery store or us eating out so I figured I should get my act together and put together a plan. A REAL PLAN!

Truth be told, I haven't written out a plan because I'm in a total rut. Nothing really sounds good or maybe I just don't want to put forth the effort. I sit down to write out a menu each week, NOTHING happens. Not sure if I think it will happen by magic or what, but I can't seem to come up with much so what do I do? NOTHING...that's what. It hasn't been good people. We have eaten...just not so wellDid I mention nobody in the family wants to help with the plan...I get blank stares when I ask....just sayin'.

I really can't take the 5pm "what on earth and I going to cook" drama anymore. It wears me out.

Given my "can't figure out what to fix" rut, I was very excited when I came across this site yesterday by complete accident the grace of God. There are quite a few good websites out there with menu plans already made up, but most of them don't seem to suit the kind of food we like to eat on a regular basis. This one totally suits us {cue the angels singing}. 

The site I found is called Moms Who Think. I haven't thoroughly checked out the website to see what their take is on parenting or anything, but I can tell you they have some pretty great looking recipes and 8 weekly menu plans. Most are very simple, but hearty recipes. They also have healthy eating menu plans, crock pot recipes and Mama Shirley's old-fashioned fare recipes.

I will definitely be using this site for lots of new menu inspiration. We all need new recipes sometimes, right? I know I do! I will let you know what I try and how it was as I make some of the items. Here is what we have planned for this week:

Tuesday: Chili coke roast with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots

Wednesday: Taco soup and chicken enchilada soup at church

Thursday: Chicken Spaghetti with salad and fruit

Saturday: Terriyaki chicken with brown rice and sugar snap peas

Sunday: Lunch at a birthday party and dinner will be leftovers.

Do you ever get in a total rut? 
What do you do to remedy the situation? 
Do you have a good menu website you go to? 

check out orgjunkie for more menu ideas 


  1. You are most definitely not alone. I think every cook gets in a rut occasionally.

    I like the site you linked to. It looks very, very helpful.

    I use when I need some help. I also keep a list of meals that we really enjoy with reference to the recipe. This way I can always refer back to it when I get the blank stare. I know what my husband once said that he really liked. :)

  2. That looks like a great website! I get in cooking ruts all the time. I have a love/hate relationship with cooking. I am looking forward to the summer so my husband can fire up the grill! :)

    Have you ever checked out They have some great recipes.

  3. Looks good to me. I subscribe to Cooking Light for ideas or look at Food


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