Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wherein I yap about our duds

Our duds {aka our clothing} or more precisely, I yap about the care and keeping of our duds.

On Washing:

A LONG time ago I posted about making my own laundry detergent. Well I was FAITHFUL for about a year. I loved it, I loved the price {nearly nothing compared to store bought} I loved the smell of it and how well it cleaned our clothes. It was a little love affair, you might say.

Then, I fell off the love train and didn't make any for a while. 


too lazy perhaps couldn't really tell ya.....

I had all of the ingredients.....just sittin' there.

Yet, I went and bought {gasp!}some at the store. I didn't really care for the smell and it definitely didn't clean our clothes as well. Moral of the story....mine was better and WAY cheaper. I finally gave in last night and made some....oh, the smell. I love the smell.

I've learned my lesson so I'm certain that won't happen again......I hope.

On Drying: 

Don't listen to men who try to sell you a dryer. The odds are pretty good that he has never done a load of laundry in his life. 

The one that sold me my dryer assured me that having the lint/vent thingy inside the front door of the dryer was FAR superior to having it on the top. The air flow is SO much better he claimed. Well it may be, but it also twists the legs of every pair of pants and the sleeves to every long sleeve shirt into something that looks like those old broom stick skirts. 

It is maddening! {nothing against the skirt, I had a few back in the day} This pleated look doesn't really look so good on the sleeves of a man's dress shirt.  

I would love to have my first dryer back.

It was old, but my clothes came out nearly wrinkle free.

It worked like a dream....until it didn't. 

It was given to us by my hubby's uncle when we first got married. We had to go pull it out of the barn behind his house, but it was free so who was to complain. 

Not us, that's for sure. 

To the man who sold me my dryer, you can have your twisty wrinkly clothes and I'll just take my old inferior air blowing machine back.


  1. Fun! I'll have to try the homemade detergent sometime. But first, I have a giant Costco-sized container of detergent to get through :-)

  2. Okay, I have tried this in powdered form. I felt that our white were not white anymore. Do you have that problem with the liquid form? I have heard you can add oxiclean, do you know anything about this? I think I will try i again next week.

    Cha Cha

  3. Cha Cha- I have tried the powdered form and did not like it at all. It clumped up and didn't really get our clothes clean. I definitely feel you get a better clean with the liquid.

  4. Hi Alisa,
    You are too funny, yea, broom stick pleats in a pair of pants or on shirt sleeves is not an easy thing to fix even with an iron.
    I am like you about my dishwasher,
    it doesn't clean very well, so I have to really clean the dishes off pretty well before I put them in,
    they really don't make appliances as well as they used to. We had a Sears washing machine for almost 20 years, and hubby did fix it a few times, but it lasted so long,
    we got a new one and it only last about 4 years I think and we had to get another one, then within a year we had some sort of problem with it, but they did fix it and
    haven't had that problem again, but lately when it spins, all the close spin up the sides instead of down like normal, so am wondering what that is all about!! lol
    Such is the fun of life!!
    Would love to see you post on your homemade laundry soap. Sounds neat. I am like that too, I will do something diligently like that
    and then somehow down the road I am thinking how come I don't do that anymore, that was a good thing.
    Have a great day dear, and thanks for praying for our friends,
    Blessings, Nellie


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