Friday, June 11, 2010

A little Friday night swing

I used to like to swing dance. 

Back in my Rockie wearin’, boot stompin’, Wrangler chasin’ days.

It was so much fun, but I’m not sure I could do it anymore. I caught my Wrangler clad man, got married, had babies and well, didn’t really dance any more. That’s life I suppose.

One of my favorite bands to swing dance to was Asleep at the Wheel. The Kings of Texas swing.

Just so happens they are in concert right down the street from my house tonight….a FREE concert outside at the park. I’m so excited. I can hear them warming up right now…..awesome! I don’t even care that it’s 85 degrees out and terribly muggy. My window is open just so I can hear them. It probably won’t last long {the warm up} so I’m taking advantage of listening to some live music while I put my groceries away.

Do any of you like to swing dance? Any other kind of dancing?

Hope you have a great weekend. Ours is VERY full.



  1. So are you going to the FREE concert!! I would love to see some shots of you swing dancing...

  2. of course we went!! There wasn't any swing dancing though since it was in the grass at the park. It was a good concert though.


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