Thursday, June 3, 2010

A summer in snapshots

summerI am very embarrassed to admit that I have just as many pictures of things I’ve made and shop stuff as a I have of my kids. It’s so much easier to get a good picture of something that doesn’t move, but that’s not really what I want to see in my photo albums 20 years from now. 

I want to see my kids. 

I want to remember the everyday memories that flitter away so very quickly when not documented.

Summers move especially fast and looking back it seems like I only have pictures of special events and not many of our everyday moments. That is kind of sad. Many great memories are made in the everyday. I want to remember the lazy, silly and sometimes even unflattering moments. Our days aren’t picture perfect, but I plan on capturing them anyway. 

EVERYDAY this summer I plan on taking several snapshots of our days and sharing 2 or 3 of them.  They will not be perfect photos. Kids move….a lot and I’m not that great at capturing them yet.

Is anyone else interested in doing this with me? I can make the button available and I can make a running linky list in my sidebar if you want to participate.  Just leave a comment if you think you might like to join in the snapshot fun and I’ll get it all up and running.

Here is what our Wednesday looked like.

IMG_5629 the boys made some brownies


We had to make an unexpected trip downtown to take something to daddy at work so we stopped by Crown Center and visited the Clifford exhibit. Josiah was the official mailman of Birdwell Island. 
IMG_5725 We came outside after we had lunch at Fritz’s {more money than food, but so worth it when  Josiah was beside himself with joy as the train delivered our food to the table.}

IMG_5729This is what we saw when we came out. Apparently there was a 3 alarm fire in the high rise next door to Crown Center and there were at least 9 fire trucks plus several ambulances and lots of police. It was a sight to see and thankfully everyone made it out ok.


  1. I'm in! I have noticed that my picture taking has decreased lately, so I am so up for this!!!

    So how long is the Clifford exhibit there?????

  2. I love the idea of taking a few snapshots of every day things (especially our kids.) I just may have to copy this great idea of yours!!!

    And the Clifford Exhibit? I LOVE Clifford, as do my boys. YOu lucky guys.

  3. I love this idea! I could use something like this to "force" me to do it.


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