Friday, July 2, 2010

Well, hello there July!

you snuck right up on me when I wasn’t looking! At the beginning of the summer I thought June was going to be the busiest month, but now I’m not so sure. {warning: brain dump ahead}

~This past week simply just disappeared. Nothing big happened. No pictures to prove it’s existence. It just vanished. Anyone relate? Anyone?

~I managed to avoid {I’ll act like it was on purpose} my blog all week, but I did have several Etsy orders and some custom items I’m working on. So I have been doing something….I guess.

~I {for some unknown reason} agreed to make a supersized football out of fabric for our VBS later this month. I really don’t mind doing it at all, but right now it seems like just another thing on my 243mile long list of things to accomplish in the month of July. Don’t worry Jane, I will get it done :) It probably won’t get done early, but it will get done.

~I’m excited we will be going on a little vacation later this month. We are heading to Estes Park in Colorado. It should be tons of fun and the kids are pretty excited!

~Britt’s best friend that moved away two and a half years ago is moving back today. I’m so excited for her and their friendship.  We missed her and her family while they were gone and can’t wait to have them back.

~One week from tomorrow I will be FORTY years old. eeek!

~speaking of FORTY {seems like such a BIG number…especially when I put it in all caps like that} I found out a couple of my good friends and their husbands {and my hubby} are having a party for me. I am very excited! It’s going to be a murder mystery dinner and I’m the main character. It is set in a 50’s diner so I need to come up with a costume. I’m guessing a nice poodle skirt will do…….anyone have one lying around??

~I was at Walmart yesterday and noticed they are putting out the school supplies already. I like school supplies as much as the next girl…..but really Walmart, can’t you let me enjoy my summer for a few more weeks without making me think about school.

~That’s all she wrote………….maybe I’ll be back later with something more exciting.  Thanks for reading all my lameness.


  1. That party sounds like so much fun!! You seem to be taking 40 very well, announcing it in public and all.....:)

    I'm actually happy about school supplies going out early, I really want to get that done (or at least part way) before baby gets here!

  2. I so wanted to come up for your birthday party/mystery dinner! Dana told me all about it and invited me to come, but it just didn't work out. I'm sorry I can't be there to wish you a happy 40th! But I love you and miss you my friend! And you don't look a day over 20;-)!

  3. You are super busy! How wonderful you get to escape to Estes Park. What a beautiful place.

    Have you been to Hobby Lobby lately? They have Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff out and everything summer related on clearance. Seriously?? I'll take school supplies over that stuff. Let me enjoy my summer, Hobby Lobby!!! I told my husband I'm not shopping there all summer, he said "good luck". :)

  4. I think 40 was great! You only look better with age and all that widsom comes with it too. :) Don't's just a number. I happy to see that your husband is as creative as you are. I hope your birthday is awesome!

  5. This is the first time I comment on your blog, although I already have your button on Mine :) I think Your blog is inspiring and you seem to be a great person! I like to read random blogposts like this. They´re so, so..Human? :)
    thanks for sharing your life :)


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