Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wherein I bore you with more vacation pics

We spent last week in Estes Park, Colorado
Loved the mountains
The scenery was just gorgeous
The weather…..perfecto!

IMG_7465I so loved spending the week with my family

Did I mention there was no TV in our lodge?

it was so nice and quiet.

We stayed at the YMCA lodges and it was perfect. We had a nice big deck with lots of windows. Perfect for the beautiful views. There is tons for everyone to do from art classes to mini golf to hiking. They also have zip-lining, horseback riding and archery. Loads to do.

IMG_7477We did some hiking the first day. Josiah and I didn’t quite make it to the big waterfall destination because he was tired and it got a little too rocky for him to climb. The trail we went on right beside a river that had a number of beautiful waterfalls on the way up.




IMG_7449 IMG_7504 oh, look….I was there too.

IMG_7432Britt found the biggest dandelion ever

IMG_7554 we drove up to the top of some mountain on a one-way gravel road. It made me a little nervous at some points along the way, but it was worth it. We saw lots of snow and of course it poured down rain on us at the top.

IMG_7559 Josiah insisted he have his picture taken with this little bear {once he figured out it wasn’t real}. We were a little under dressed for the top of the mountain in our shorts and short sleeves. It was 47 degrees…..chilly and wet.



Josiah became quite the little rock climber while we were there. He called himself the “master rock climber”.

IMG_7490 We had so much fun the kids are already planning the next trip. I guess that’s a pretty good indication that they loved it.


Have you had the opportunity to escape with your family this summer? If so, where have you gone? I’d love for you to share.



  1. Beautiful photos! Cuuuuuuute kids!!! :-)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your family pics . . . and they aren't boring! I loved looking at them. They're beautiful. I love Colorado and want to go back! I have 3 siblings that live out there. We were there exactly a year ago this week and had a ball! So glad you got to go! love ya,


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