Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meep, the heat, and a sweet treat

It’s  Meep’s birthday {Josiah’s stuffed owl from Build a Bear }
He received an email yesterday announcing his big day offering $5 towards any new accessory. How could we turn that down?
So we headed out this afternoon to retrieve said accessory at the mall.

Oh….and we stopped to vote…..did you vote? You should {if you have any primaries in your area}.

IMG_7705It was supposed to reach 100 degree’s today……..I’d say we have exceeded the goal. We are such overachievers here in Kansas.

IMG_7719.1 On our way home we stopped at our local cupcake shop for a little treat. yum. This one is called the “Snowball”.


Vanilla cake with coconut cream cheese frosting and coconut on top. extra yummy. I so didn’t need this, but it was totally worth it.

IMG_7727 Josiah went for the hot fudge sundae cupcake {because it had a cherry on top} and Corban had the peanut butter cup cupcake. They were both half gone before I even broke out my camera.

IMG_7735 No leftovers.

IMG_7740 LOVE those freckles
IMG_7747 A day with my boys, even with the heat, is definitely a sweet treat.

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  1. It is crazy hot here in KS! UGH! Beautiful pics! Happy birthday to your son! :D

  2. Love the photos of your boys! Those cupcakes look wonderful, too. I've been thinking about baking peanut butter cup cupcakes, and now I might just have to. LOL

  3. What a fun day... The cupcakes looked great and I love the photos of your boys. (But seriously... 105!! ouch!!)


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