Friday, September 17, 2010

BBQ at it’s best

at least we think so.

Kansas City has some pretty amazing BBQ goin’ on, but this place is one of our favorites.

IMG_8377Don’t let the name fool you, this smoky goodness was born on the Kansas City BBQ competition circuit {yes, we are that serious about our meat}.  There was once a store in Oklahoma, but they closed it up and moved it all to KC. 

IMG_8351 What to choose? So many choices and I’m sure they are all great, but I ALWAYS get the same thing.

Pulled pork on a bun please!

IMG_8354Oh, it is so tender and smoky, it really doesn’t need any sauce, but the sauce is so good you’ll probably want some anyway.

Yum, and the onion rings are crispy delicious. You should dip them in mustard because that is the proper way to do things. My hubby might try to convince you otherwise, but he’s wrong.

IMG_8369All 5 of us got pulled pork {because it’s that good}.  Hubby’s is the monster sized version.

My girl is trying to be clever with her one eye. Someday she is going to look back at all her goofy pictures and wonder what she was thinking {or maybe not….who knows}.

IMG_8355 Case in point.

I’ll just keep snapping away and maybe I’ll get a smile someday.

I hope you all have a sunny weekend and if you can find some good BBQ in your neck of the woods, I encourage you to consume some.


  1. Oklahoma Joe's is by FAR our favorite BBQ place! And yes, their pulled pork is simply amazing! I usually get the Carolina pulled pork sandwich or the Z-Man. I always have a hard time deciding between the yummy onion rings or their delicious fries. Both are super yummy! Hmmm, we may be going there tomorrow night! :)

  2. Yummmm....Oklahoma Joe's! Why can't they have one in Oklahoma??? I love their sandwich that has coleslaw on it. We'll have to hit that place next time we are in town!

  3. Now that is some serious eating!! Now I'm off to catch up on all of your summer and early fall happenings.

    Love your fall banner.


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