Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday

I have BIG boys.

Corban started out pretty small at only 6lbs, but quickly caught up with {and surpassed} most on the growth charts. Other than his birth weight, he has always been between the 95-100% on the charts. He weighed 40lbs at 3 years old. Big, but still on the charts if I recall correctly.

Josiah has proven to be even bigger than his brother. He started out at almost 8lbs and has always been at the top {or off} the charts. When he turned 3  he weighed 50lbs {not a typo}. That is the average weight of a 7 year old in case you were wondering. He weighs a ton {ha!}, but he is not fat.  He is just rock solid and built like a truck.  He also maneuvers like one.

For this very reason, we don’t see a lot of boys jumping from high places or even low ones for that matter. Corban is old enough to have outgrown is awkwardness, but for Josiah to jump out the side door of the van {on his own} is a pretty big deal. My husband thinks he is just a bit chicken. I think he is afraid because he knows if he falls he will hit hard

Big people land harder than small people.


and it hurts more.

IMG_8459To many of you this just looks like some kid jumping off hay bales and having fun. 

You would be very wrong.

This is bravery in action. 

He really didn’t want to do it, but after several minutes of encouragement and coaxing, he finally jumped! Oh yeah, it was only like 2 feet, but it was huge to him.

I promised to take a picture of him mid-flight and he was excited at the prospect of seeing it so he jumped! He was absolutely delighted with himself.

It was pretty sweet.

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  1. Love this shot! So full of color and fall-ish! Good job to your son for his courage.

  2. My youngest is built just like that too! He just turned 2 a few weeks ago and he weighs almost 40 pounds...but he isn't really fat just thick! He loves the trampoline at gymnastics probably because he can't get his feet off the ground any other way:)


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