Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love by Lite Brite

David Crowder band is brilliant. If you ever have the opportunity to see them live….go!!  You won’t be disappointed. promise 

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Send me a sign
A hint, O whisper
Fill me with life
'Cause I am listening
Come break the quiet
Breathe your awakening
Bring me the light
'Cause I am fading
Surround me with the rush of angels' wings

Shine Your light so I can see You
Pull me up, I need to be near You
Hold me, I need to feel loved
Can You overcome this heart that's overcome?

You sent a sign
The hint, O whisper
Human, divine
Everyone is listening
Death laid low
Quiet in the night is stirring
All around the rush of angels

O the wonder of the greatest love has come

Shine Your light so all can see it
Lifted up, 'cause the whole world needs it
Love has come, what joy to hear it
He has overcome, He has overcome

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  1. Great song! Even better lyrics. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Don't think they ever come to the UK. sigh.
    But Casting Crowns do and I have tickets to see them in 2 weeks time for my sons 16th birthday!

  3. I love the David Crowder band too :-)

    Happy Friday!

  4. We saw David Crowder Band in concert a few years ago and it was so great! I would love to see them again...but for now, I'll just be happy with my cd's:)

  5. Mmmmm David Crowder Band... Hopefully they will come to Perth Australia so I too can enjoy their live brilliance :)

  6. Alisa, first I want to say just how much I love your blog! It is simply beautiful and so is your Etsy shop...I am inspired by them both. David Crowder band=awesome! He actually grew up in our town, in our church...and has done several concerts right here. Thanks for sharing.


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