Friday, October 29, 2010

This week {catchy title, eh?}

This week has gotten away from me
One day it’s Monday and then I look up and it’s Friday
how does that happen?
it seems worse every week.

IMG_9276Josiah requested to take off his training wheels so we did
we also took off his pedals so he can learn to balance first
he doesn’t have a very fast reaction time so balancing and pedaling at the same time would be a bit much. Once he learns to balance while coasting we’ll put them back on and he’ll be good to go….hopefully :)

IMG_9266We are still adjusting to our new family member. She is sweet, lovable and messy. Let’s just say there has been more laundry and carpet cleaning in the last week than I’d like. Good thing she is sooo cute!


This stuff is addicting. So happy it’s healthy.

IMG_9300I went all out and cooked my own pumpkin for the first time ever. The boys begged me to do it. It really was easy so if you’ve never done it, you really ought to give it a try. I didn’t know it could taste so much better than the canned stuff, but it does.

Here’s the easy way to cook one:

wash your pumpkin {a small pumpkin pie pumpkin}
slice open and clean out the middle/seeds etc.
chop it up into big pieces {I cut mine in about 6 pieces}
place them in your slow cooker and turn it on low
cook on low for about 3 hours or until tender all the way through
take it out and remove the peel {mine just slid off}
let it cool and then purée in your food processor or blender 

You can fill your slow cooker as full as you like, just so long as the lid shuts tight.

I used a couple cups of the cooked pumpkin and made a half batch of
pumpkin butter.  delicious! I put the rest in freezer bags for future use. I used a 6lb pumpkin and got about 6 cups of pumpkin.

was making a felted wool flower for a friend last night and came up with a new style that I really like. They are kinda big and floppy and cute. I really ♥ the grey one. It’s very pretty in person but, it didn’t photograph well so you’ll just have to trust me.  

I’m looking forward to a lazy weekend full of trick or treating, more concert going and generally being with my family.

Do you all have anything special planned this weekend?


  1. the crockpot!!!!!!!!! brilliant!!! I slice mine in 1/2, clean out the middle put in 1" of water in pan then bake in the over for abt an hour @350 (depending on size of course, until fork tender) I am up to 17 cups in the freezer so printing that pumpkin butter recipe. Thanks!!

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from the Tatertots & Jello party. I've never cooked pumpkin and had no idea it could be this simple. Those flowers are adorable!

    Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend!


  3. Hi, I'm a new follower. And I had no idea you could put pumpkin in the crockpot! Great idea!
    I'd love it if you could follow me back.
    Have a blessed day

  4. This is how I make pumpkin. Isn't it so easy and delicious? I have a bunch that I'm going to try to turn into pumpkin ice cream :)

    If you get a chance, I'd love for you swing by the Not "Baaad" Sundays Linky! It should be up tonight.

    Have a fun Halloween!

  5. Enjoy your blog and the great ideas you inspire. Yum, fresh pumpkin is the best.

    I've never heard of taboule (not surprising here in podunk) where would I find this it sounds interesting and I could use some healthy.

    The pom-poms are very cute, I'm wondering how you were able to cut the rounded edges so perfectly, do you use a special cutter?


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